The female cannot do a particular thing.

Human Rights

Human Rights (Photo credit: h de c)


Why even in today’s times are there so many restrictions on a women,for all those sitting and telling your selves that only women in Asia and Africa and other developing areas of the world have issues regarding  various basic rights they are entitled to then think again,reports regarding violation of basic human rights available to all under the constitution have been violated when it comes to women have come from all over the world.Yes even though it might not be a regular phenomenon in the west,but it is not rare either.A pregnant waitress in a diner gets picked on by her manager on a regular basis for not waiting tables in a proper manner even though she is doing her job perfectly well and then blaming her pregnancy for it,a husband threatening his wife with divorce if she does not leave her job that she loves and  stay at home and cook food and only look after the children or if she earns a higher salary her husband insists that she take up a job where she earns less then him,though this might sound extreme but this does take place.Is it her fault she earns more than him?,and does it even matter who earns more?maybe it does.

Number of people per minute who experience intimate partner violence in the U.S alone is.: 24,so just imagine what the total worldwide intimate partner violence would be,even as I write and even as you read,some woman in some part of the world is getting brutally assaulted by the person she loves the most,I shouldn’t be writing a woman rather I should be writing women.

Only 37% of countries have achieved gender parity in secondary education.According to a UNICEF source currently 65 million girls worldwide are being denied the right to basic education.Take the case of the brave Mallala Yousafzai the brave 15 year old Pakistani girl who was shot at by the Taliban when she was on her way to school for advocating women’s right to education and openly speaking out against the Taliban for passing  an anti-girls education dictate.

Gender discrimination at work,sexual harassment,refusal to employ or the refusal to employ or discrimination of a woman on the basis of her looks, all of this must stop.Though in developed countries  there are various laws to prevent discrimination and violation of the basic fundamental rights of a woman and developing countries also following in pursuit of such laws,there is still plenty of scope for development of laws for the protection and welfare of women.

We must remember one thing clearly,for society to prosper there must be inclusive growth and not exclusive growth a particular section of the society cannot be excluded.Without a woman there would have been no life on earth.