Bye Sir Alex and Thank You,we love to hate you.

Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson known to all of us football fans as Sir Alex Ferguson the manager of one of the rather the most well-known Football(soccer for all you Americans)in the world Manchester United.

Sir Alex Ferguson managed the club from 1986 to 2013,being one of the most respected manager in the history of European football,he is admired, respected and feared in equal measures by his players, referees and other officials.

I myself being an arsenal fan loved to hate Manchester united every time they came to field against arsenal,those box flare-ups between Arsene and Alex Ferguson where they would stand face to face shouting and at times shouting expletives at each other was something that aresnal and man united fans looked up-to,days before the matches were to be played the mind games would start and once the games commenced the intensity of the game would over-whelm everybody including those watching the match back at home.I really liked the way his face would get all red when he would get angry,and I am sure all of you have heard about Sir Alex’s hair dryer treatment for all those who did not fall in line.A figure who would not stand anybody who came in the way of his absolute authority over the players and the football club.

I would remember Alex Ferguson as someone who though was not playing on the field but his larger then life portrait always made the fans and opposition alike feel like he himself was playing the match.The elder statesman, the knight of Old Trafford was a man of integrity a man who devoted 26 years of his life to make united what it is today,I would only like to say “alex ferguson if it wasn’t for you we arsenal fans would never have enjoyed the intensity of our matches with united we would never have have enjoyed the argument’s that you had with  arsene,we love to hate you”

Manchester united has lost it’s elder and David Moyes will replace him the longest serving manager of the English premier league has left.It just makes me wonder how devastated would we arsenal fans be when our beloved arsene wenger retires whenever he does,I hope he never retires or leaves arsenal just like every united fan had hoped for Alex.