blogs in general

blogBlogs blogs blogs i have been hearing a lot about it lately people blogging about fitness,clothing,food,gadgets,changing their children’s nappy’s their sex life or lack of it etc etc,and the bloggers are supposed to be knowing everything about what they are blogging supposedly supposed to be experts, i thought to myself these days there seem to be a growing number of intelligent people going by the number of people blogging these days,so i decided now is the time to enter the world of blogging,so i said these guys are blogging about cars,girlfriends,places to eat,places to visit,food to make,things to say to your wife etc etc.but i wanted to blog about all of it ,rather speak about my and people i know their experience in such matters,So this law student in me awoke again(well it wakes up only two weeks before my exams anyways)lets write lets blog lets make this world a better place or worse,who cares lets blog.