The match fixers.

Have you being following the Indian premier league,well it’s being called the IFL i.e The Indian fixed league,well well amazing nice.You know i did know that those catches which were so sensationally easy have been

English: Eden Gardens cricket ground in Kolkat...

sensationally dropped then there has to be some sensational money and sensational people involved and a sensational scandal in the making,this word sensational i tell you felt a little “fixed” i tell you.Spot Fixing,Match fixing and fixing of all varieties and types are erupting in the front page of the newspaper, people of all demeanor and types where caught in the cross-fire or you can say that they are still being caught.The biggest fatality being the chairman of a certain company who also happens to be the chairman of the board of a powerful Indian cricket body and also a team owner in the IPL,well the best part is he just won’t step down from any of the position’s he currently holds in the meanwhile blaming the media for all the turmoil in his life,pretty interesting wow!it makes me feel as if i am watching some comical Indian soap,with all of its twists and even more twists,now this soap opera has given an exiled former IPL commisioner an opportunity to tell all the people how they could have avoided all of this if he hadn’t been kicked out of this thing Called ipl which he claims to have created,but sir what i feel is that this has been going on for a very very long period of time not only one season,and WATS up with people wanted in their own country running out of their own country to avoid getting arrested straight to Britain,first certain former Pakistani president and then this IPL Commissioner,money and political assembly i tell you Man kinds gift to Mankind.Well this great Indian circus does not seem like it is going to end sometime soon,but i have to end this article unless i want to lose your attention because the average attention span of a human is really short almost migidish and yeah i do know the spelling of migidish might be wrong but am not writing a dictionary,so see ya around.

And yes for all those friends and girlfriends of mine who would like to bet,well it is not legal in India so unless you want to get caught and want your images to be splashed all over the media and your family extended family and all those who ever knew you knowing that you bet and even those strangers like your neighbor hood elderly gentleman who walks up to you and says”so you bet hah,are you also a gang banger,no because this loser down the street isn’t repaying my money!”if you do not want any of this then watch out!PEACE.