Life of a girl from the far East

“Courage the 21 year girl from mirageistan graduates from the University of California Berkley Summa cum laude!” Blared a famous reporter of a news channel.

Various images of a happy and emotionally restrained Courage were broadcast all over the social media, her ecstatic family members were interviewed. The speech she gave on receiving her honors were all over the internet. YouTube,twitter, instagram were rife with comments cheering the achievements of the young lady who had just about started living the American Dream. Courage has graduated with majors in Political Science and dreams to go on and study Law at the UCLA Berkeley Boalt Law School with a concentration in Human Rights, She has already given her LSAT six months prior to graduating and has scored 175 on it, Courage has her recommendation letters ready and her application ready to be submitted to the LSAC.

Who is she?, where is Mirageistan?, how and when did she come to the USA?, her life until she reached the USA and her aim in life, you do want know about her. This page is dedicated to a fictional individual and her extra-ordinary life.Keep Tuning in to know about her journey.


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