Pope Francis

The speculations and debate and deliberation about who the next pope to throne of the Head of the Roman catholic church would be,there were arguments there were speculations among people about  the next pope,which would confuse me quite a bit weren’t people supposed to be happy irrespective of who or where the next pope came from,the best part is the news channels blaring that since the pope was elected from south America,Argentina to be precise,Europe would loose importance and that,some people were taking comfort in the fact that though the pope lived in Argentina he was of Italian origin,okay anyways i thought religious people dint do all this.Well then came the perfect introduction about the new pope he was a man of the people a simple man a man who prefers to live economically an individual who cared for the poor,an individual who sent out this message that it does not matter where you come from or what you do or what color you are,if you are religious why speculate why deliberate or debate about things that are not in your hands,if you are a true follower of your respective god’s and goddess just do good work,well for a non-believer like me who likes to switch on the t.v and listen to  news channel did not have to change the channel,this is  how people should be this is how leaders should be,and all the people whether believers or non-believers stopped arguing and sat quietly and listened to this holy person.



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