That bloody(literally)toe nail.

The curse of the ingrown toe nail,how many of you have heard about this,well those of you who have never heard about it leave alone experienced well i basically  envy you,so as i was saying it is called Onychocryptosis (from Greek ὄνυξ onyx “nail” + κρυπτός kryptos “hidden”), also known as an ingrown toenail, or unguis incarnatus[1] is a common form of nail disease I don’t want to call it a disease but it makes it sound disgusting actually it  actually starts off all innocently your skin next to your big toe starts to get all red,you think it’s just some rash it will go away then comes the swelling again you start thinking the swelling and redness would go away and then comes the pain and a watery white thing whats it called i cant get the term and that’s when you go berserk and go to the doctor. It is an often painful condition in which the nail grows so that it cuts into one or both sides of the paronychium or nail bed. This condition has been found only in shoe-wearing cultures and does not occur in habitually barefoot people since it requires downward pressure on the nail by a shoe,well i unfortunately belong to the shoe wearing population,so now the fun part starts you go to the doctor he examines it and if you are lucky enough then he will give you a anesthetic  and try to non-surgically remove the pointed portion of the nail which has entered your skin,but if it is deep as in my case well then god bless you,you have to surgically remove but it’s not always as painful but mine was a little complicated so i was put to sleep for about two hours or three i do not precisely remember,and then by the time the drowsiness wears off it’s about two hours 45 minutes to three hours from the time you are put to sleep,well you know once the drowsiness and the anesthetic effect starts to reduce the pain increases but that’s fine at least you don’t have the dirty toe nail,rather dirty half toenail,i started to get all happy and stuff,and the doctor was like u need to hire a nurse or a doctor who would dress the wound for the next 10 days,once everyday, i got all happy and stuff well not so fast,, after the surgery you have to shut the wound firm and tight  to prevent any further loss of blood,so on the first day the bandage gets stuck to the flesh and they try to apply betadiene and other stuff to try to get the bandage to loosen its grip on the flesh the bandage luckily started to loosen its grip from onto my flesh and came off but to my unluckiness the threads got stuck and oh boy they had to start pulling the threads of the flesh that’s what u call “true pain” started,but that’s only for the first day and i did not have saline water for the first day as well,from day two after using saline water a lot of it ,it is easier to get the bandage off your flesh so the painful part is only for one day,it might not even be one day it might be pain-free for others from day one,i am speaking about my experience.well i was all happy at the end of ten days that now no more dressing is required and stuff and i got all happy that now i just had to apply neosprin  on the wound and put on a light dressing for some time approx till a thick casing like skin start’s forming,now everything was fine and i happened to go an international trip representing my law college so we would be in the conference from morning to evening and then at night you know as everyone likes meeting new people and partying and stuff we would do that but now i don’t when during this trip i banged my leg against some hard object head on now this caused the front portion of the shell-like structure to break a very very tiny part of that casing like skin but now this was enough to cause bleeding along with an infection  i did not even realize that all of this had happened i had gone to the doctor only to show him the bleeding that was taking place,he told me that all of this happened so that was how tiny the broken casing was that i could not even spot it but that does not matter,now he put me back onto antibiotics to firstly stop the infection and the bleeding and  he was 90% sure he would again have to surgically cut open the new hard skin that has formed in the place of the nail and again let it re-grow so there is no chance of an infection,and all of this breaking and infection happened about one or maybe two months after the surgery.I am supposed to show him my big toe nail on the 18th of this month lets hope for the best.

So the moral over here is that even though some time might have passed after your surgery but you still have to be very careful for about at least six months after the surgery.

  • all views and experience stated over here are mine and that i am not implying that everyone has the same experience with toe nails and toe nail surgery if any if it takes place.

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