The match fixers.

Have you being following the Indian premier league,well it’s being called the IFL i.e The Indian fixed league,well well amazing nice.You know i did know that those catches which were so sensationally easy have been

English: Eden Gardens cricket ground in Kolkat...

sensationally dropped then there has to be some sensational money and sensational people involved and a sensational scandal in the making,this word sensational i tell you felt a little “fixed” i tell you.Spot Fixing,Match fixing and fixing of all varieties and types are erupting in the front page of the newspaper, people of all demeanor and types where caught in the cross-fire or you can say that they are still being caught.The biggest fatality being the chairman of a certain company who also happens to be the chairman of the board of a powerful Indian cricket body and also a team owner in the IPL,well the best part is he just won’t step down from any of the position’s he currently holds in the meanwhile blaming the media for all the turmoil in his life,pretty interesting wow!it makes me feel as if i am watching some comical Indian soap,with all of its twists and even more twists,now this soap opera has given an exiled former IPL commisioner an opportunity to tell all the people how they could have avoided all of this if he hadn’t been kicked out of this thing Called ipl which he claims to have created,but sir what i feel is that this has been going on for a very very long period of time not only one season,and WATS up with people wanted in their own country running out of their own country to avoid getting arrested straight to Britain,first certain former Pakistani president and then this IPL Commissioner,money and political assembly i tell you Man kinds gift to Mankind.Well this great Indian circus does not seem like it is going to end sometime soon,but i have to end this article unless i want to lose your attention because the average attention span of a human is really short almost migidish and yeah i do know the spelling of migidish might be wrong but am not writing a dictionary,so see ya around.

And yes for all those friends and girlfriends of mine who would like to bet,well it is not legal in India so unless you want to get caught and want your images to be splashed all over the media and your family extended family and all those who ever knew you knowing that you bet and even those strangers like your neighbor hood elderly gentleman who walks up to you and says”so you bet hah,are you also a gang banger,no because this loser down the street isn’t repaying my money!”if you do not want any of this then watch out!PEACE.


Why me?

Recently i was visiting town x in country A for a vacation since i have certain folks living there i had gone there for a nice pleasant vacation,a couple of days passed in the hot town x in a uneventful manner those usual evening when my uncle returned from work to our palatial house and would take us around for a drive our to some cozy place to eat or those occasional take-away,now  these take-away were taking place because our awesome cook Mrs Abcd was out attending a wedding,she cooked for ours as well as eight families to make ends meet, She cooked for us in the morning as well as in the evenings.she had two daughters.

One evening my maternal grand-mother receives a phone call from Mrs bereaved our cook.

Mrs Bereaved:”Ma’am i wont be able to make it for work tomorrow morning.”

my grandmother:”Why you were supposed to return today from the wedding and report for work tomorrow morning” and then instinctively asks if she was alright.

Mrs bereaved our cook broke down.

my grandmother:”What happened! tell me”

Mrs bereaved:”They killed her!”

my grandmother:”who killed whom,tell me clearly”

Mrs bereaved:”my daughter,they killed her.her husband and her mother in law killed her”she sobbed uncontrollably.

Mrs bereaved:”They locked the room,held her hands and feet then cut her vein in the wrist and pressed her neck and before doing that they had mixed poison in her food”

Mrs bereaved:”she’s dead,an autopsy is being conducted on her”

Mrs bereaved:”her twins are refusing to state anything against their father”

my grandmother:”wow i don’t have anything to say”she sighed

Mrs bereaved:”i will report to work as soon as i cremate my daughter”

my grandmother:”oh please!take your time”


what do i know then?nothing.

Bye Sir Alex and Thank You,we love to hate you.

Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson known to all of us football fans as Sir Alex Ferguson the manager of one of the rather the most well-known Football(soccer for all you Americans)in the world Manchester United.

Sir Alex Ferguson managed the club from 1986 to 2013,being one of the most respected manager in the history of European football,he is admired, respected and feared in equal measures by his players, referees and other officials.

I myself being an arsenal fan loved to hate Manchester united every time they came to field against arsenal,those box flare-ups between Arsene and Alex Ferguson where they would stand face to face shouting and at times shouting expletives at each other was something that aresnal and man united fans looked up-to,days before the matches were to be played the mind games would start and once the games commenced the intensity of the game would over-whelm everybody including those watching the match back at home.I really liked the way his face would get all red when he would get angry,and I am sure all of you have heard about Sir Alex’s hair dryer treatment for all those who did not fall in line.A figure who would not stand anybody who came in the way of his absolute authority over the players and the football club.

I would remember Alex Ferguson as someone who though was not playing on the field but his larger then life portrait always made the fans and opposition alike feel like he himself was playing the match.The elder statesman, the knight of Old Trafford was a man of integrity a man who devoted 26 years of his life to make united what it is today,I would only like to say “alex ferguson if it wasn’t for you we arsenal fans would never have enjoyed the intensity of our matches with united we would never have have enjoyed the argument’s that you had with  arsene,we love to hate you”

Manchester united has lost it’s elder and David Moyes will replace him the longest serving manager of the English premier league has left.It just makes me wonder how devastated would we arsenal fans be when our beloved arsene wenger retires whenever he does,I hope he never retires or leaves arsenal just like every united fan had hoped for Alex.

The female cannot do a particular thing.

Human Rights

Human Rights (Photo credit: h de c)


Why even in today’s times are there so many restrictions on a women,for all those sitting and telling your selves that only women in Asia and Africa and other developing areas of the world have issues regarding  various basic rights they are entitled to then think again,reports regarding violation of basic human rights available to all under the constitution have been violated when it comes to women have come from all over the world.Yes even though it might not be a regular phenomenon in the west,but it is not rare either.A pregnant waitress in a diner gets picked on by her manager on a regular basis for not waiting tables in a proper manner even though she is doing her job perfectly well and then blaming her pregnancy for it,a husband threatening his wife with divorce if she does not leave her job that she loves and  stay at home and cook food and only look after the children or if she earns a higher salary her husband insists that she take up a job where she earns less then him,though this might sound extreme but this does take place.Is it her fault she earns more than him?,and does it even matter who earns more?maybe it does.

Number of people per minute who experience intimate partner violence in the U.S alone is.: 24,so just imagine what the total worldwide intimate partner violence would be,even as I write and even as you read,some woman in some part of the world is getting brutally assaulted by the person she loves the most,I shouldn’t be writing a woman rather I should be writing women.

Only 37% of countries have achieved gender parity in secondary education.According to a UNICEF source currently 65 million girls worldwide are being denied the right to basic education.Take the case of the brave Mallala Yousafzai the brave 15 year old Pakistani girl who was shot at by the Taliban when she was on her way to school for advocating women’s right to education and openly speaking out against the Taliban for passing  an anti-girls education dictate.

Gender discrimination at work,sexual harassment,refusal to employ or the refusal to employ or discrimination of a woman on the basis of her looks, all of this must stop.Though in developed countries  there are various laws to prevent discrimination and violation of the basic fundamental rights of a woman and developing countries also following in pursuit of such laws,there is still plenty of scope for development of laws for the protection and welfare of women.

We must remember one thing clearly,for society to prosper there must be inclusive growth and not exclusive growth a particular section of the society cannot be excluded.Without a woman there would have been no life on earth.




Place to go to when you are in Mumbai.

You are a foreign tourist in India and you have eaten a lot of Indian food or do not want to eat Indian food  you want to eat sushi or probably even a ravioli basically something international,well then i have a list of  restaurants most of which are located in south Mumbai(south Mumbai is one of the most visited places in Mumbai especially by international tourists.)some of them are located in the famous suburbs of Mumbai like Bandra etc.


Frangipani well if you want to go fill your stomach with a sumptuous breakfast  this is the place to go to it starts at 7 am and the breakfast goes on till 12 noon,the best part is it is a buffet breakfast so you do not have to be worried about ordering something you do not like.They have both an Indian as well as an international menu(continental,Mediterranean etc)Ground Floor, Trident Hotel, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021, India


Mainland china.In the mood of eating some awesome Chinese food, when in Mumbai well then this is the place for you,try the buffet lunch or you can even try the Ala-carte even though both are pretty much awesome.1, 2nd Floor, Block A, Sobo Central Mall, Tardeo Road, Haji Ali 3222 1038

3.tablethe table care for some continental food?try this place out when you are visiting the gateway of India in colaba.Address: Kalash Peshi Building, Near Hotel Suba Palace, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Marg, Apollo Bandar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400005.Phone:022 2282 5000

4photo_amadeus_nariman-point_mumbai@b4tlhqpg_3yul_3_300.Want to eat spanish food try Amadeus and you can select from a collection of wines to go along with your food.comer bien. address:National Centre of Performing Arts, Gate No. 2, Nariman Point, Mumbai.Contact no- by bayThis is place is a treat to be at if you like as the name suggests eating pizza by the bay or anything else by the for that matter try pizza by the bay,personal suggestion try the Bombay masala pizza and you can have a lot of other things from a large variety of pizzas and pastas and more,and there is another section within the restaurant where they  play jazz music at night and serve awesome buffet in the afternoon,located on the iconic marine drive promenade.address-Veer Nariman Rd, Churchgate, Mumbai, Maharashtra.Contact no-022 2282 0957.


Though i have got mixed reviews for this fine dine place but i would still recommend this place.Umame servesAsian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Singaporean food,this place is located right opposite to the iconic church-gate and in the iconic eros theater building.Address-1st Floor, East Wing, Eros Theater Building,Churchgate, no-022 66334233, 022 66356908.

7.Fountain sizzlersfsizz

located in the iconic Flora Fountain-CST station area,this place serves some awesome sizzlers,along with salads and burgers and pastas and sandwiches and a variety a drinks.for though those of you who do not know what a sizzler is,it is basically a sizzling hot plate with  meat  or  vegetables or even both and fries and lot of cheese dats if you want the cheese and lot of different type of sauces with a big vegetarian or a meat patty on top of it,it also has rice or noodles or you can ask for both,try this one out!. Address-57 MG Road, Opposite HSBC BANK,, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra no-022 2267 0920

8.IMBISS imbissimbiss1want to eat some really awesome German food in India then you have to go to IMBISS,it serves not only awesome German food but also awesome  European and Continental food,though this joint is not located in south Mumbai for this awesome place you will have to go to Bandra west,which is located in the suburbs of Mumbai but once you reach Bandra you will find ton’s of other awesome eateries both Indian and international.Address-14,ben o lil haven,Waroda Road,Off hill road,Bandra west,Mumbai-400050.Contact no-+91 8454946413,022 26416485.

9.wsideinn woodside-inn-This place is surely going to make you feel comfortable,located in colaba a place where you can go relax have beer and eat Italian and continental food after shopping in the hot and humid  climate of Mumbai’s Colaba causeway.Address-Wodehouse Road, Opposite Regal Cinema, Colaba, Mumbai-400039. contact no-022 22875752, 022 22025525.

10.Phoenix mills-Got lot of time to spare want to go to a place which would have everything under one roof i.e restaurant’s,movie theaters,electronic outlets,famous designer outlets,pubs,grocery etc.This is the place to go to.Has some really good restaurants like Bombay blue,some pubs and food places life Irish house,it has 4 malls and various other buildings housing famous brands.A must visit.Address-462, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013.

Do you work hard?

bushJake work’s really very hard that’s why he earns more money then Ryan,since Ryan does not work equally hard so he earns less.My daughter work’s harder then my son so she scores better then him in academics,these are some of the conversation’s i have overheard and it would always make me think what exactly was hard work,was it working for long hours or was it straining oneself or falling ill working towards one’s goal,i did not know what working hard was,because the society around me always associated hard work with success,which i was not at least in terms of “certain” academic subjects like math,i would be labelled a lazy douche bag or a failure or something similar,but even i would study just like others but i just could not connect with why A square= B square or why some thing was equal to something and not equal to something else it just did not make sense to me i would ask myself how is this going to help me in my everyday life,but still i was the one who was not working hard according to my teachers,that is  when i started to feel that only successful people were hardworking or vice verse,but then as time passed i entered college and that is  when i realized there was no connection between hard work and success,rather i would go to the extent of saying there is nothing or some term that “successful” people have invented to highlight their success,i felt hard work was not possible either you work smart or you slog,you do not work hard,working in a manner in which you can increase the output and reduce the time to produce the output has made people successful,but this is only theoretical,the real thing was it does not matter how many hours you work or how well do you concentrate what people care about is the end result and the earlier you give them results the more the chances of success you have,now how do you get these results is unto you you want to cheat go cheat you want to find shortcuts go find shortcuts you want to manage your time well do that but just get the this what we as a human race wanted to come to,we have created a hierarchy those who are the more successful personalities of their profession or whatever they are hard working and hence successful,the two have no co-relation those who achieved success and those who did not had only one difference the successful one’s did know how to get their or to put in a more respectful manner find their way,they knew when to do what and when to be where,you are not a success or a failure you just haven’t made the right moves unless obviously you do not like to move your ass but for all those who put in an effort but have not tasted the so-called-success,just hang in there success might just be on it’s just waiting for that one move i do not know what that one move is but we just need to hang in there and keep trying.I myself being a student who struggled to pass in so many of my subject in school to going on to studying in one of the most prestigious law schools in my country,but i still do not consider this to be a success because i still do not  know if i really am happy doing what am doing so i am going to keep trying by doing things that i like doing something that i could turn from a hobby to a full time profession,something that i would enjoy working alongside my legal studies,something that i might even want to replace my studies with.Success according to me would be to continue exploring the various aspects of your life and then finally settling on something that would give you satisfaction,the kind of satisfaction that you were always looking for.

Pope Francis

The speculations and debate and deliberation about who the next pope to throne of the Head of the Roman catholic church would be,there were arguments there were speculations among people about  the next pope,which would confuse me quite a bit weren’t people supposed to be happy irrespective of who or where the next pope came from,the best part is the news channels blaring that since the pope was elected from south America,Argentina to be precise,Europe would loose importance and that,some people were taking comfort in the fact that though the pope lived in Argentina he was of Italian origin,okay anyways i thought religious people dint do all this.Well then came the perfect introduction about the new pope he was a man of the people a simple man a man who prefers to live economically an individual who cared for the poor,an individual who sent out this message that it does not matter where you come from or what you do or what color you are,if you are religious why speculate why deliberate or debate about things that are not in your hands,if you are a true follower of your respective god’s and goddess just do good work,well for a non-believer like me who likes to switch on the t.v and listen to  news channel did not have to change the channel,this is  how people should be this is how leaders should be,and all the people whether believers or non-believers stopped arguing and sat quietly and listened to this holy person.